Updates Saturday, Jan 10 2009 

I will now post updates when I can remember.


Happy New Year! Thursday, Jan 1 2009 

Happy New Year to the East Coast! Oh, and btw, if anyone was watching ABC 2, Dick Clark’s show, that was the best show period!

I know Friday, Dec 5 2008 

I know I haven’t updated. Life is too busy. I will definitely update completely ytonight.

Today update Monday, Nov 17 2008 

Looks like the first wintry weather of the year is here, at least for central MD.  This hopefully will lead up to many more wintry weather events.

My class spelling bee is on the 24th-25th.  I have to post an update on that.

Oh, and one last thing.  I came up with a new Obama slogan.  Well, actually two.  And one my dad saw, so I really didn’t come up with it.

1. NOBAMA and

2. OBAMA: Our Biggest American Mistake Awaits.

That is all.


Also, this is my 50th published post, yet I have only recieved 240 hits.  please tell me that this isn’t because of me.

Oh well.  But the 50th post requires celebrating, right? To celebrate, enjoy this montage of random typing:as;dkljfalksdj;faklsjdf;lkasjd;lfkja;sdklfja;slkdjf;alskdjf;alksdjf;laksjdfklajsd;flkajsd;flkjas;dlkjfaslkdjf;laksjd;flkjas;dlkfj;sldkjf;wioerupoqiweurpoiwuerpioqweurpoiqweurpoiqwuerpioqweurpoiqweuaxcnxcm,nvzxm,vnz.x,mvnasjklfjl;askdj;fsfjl;dklsdfj;alsasgaklvfvjklljkjkl;djklgradjkl;sdsdfkdgklgsddfgsdfgdj;flgja;fsdlkja;sldkfj;asdlkfjasdljkf;alskdjf;lkdja;lksjasdfasdfasdfkasdjf;lkasj;dflkasj;fkljasdl;kfj;laksjd;flj;kadl;jkfj;a;dslkfasdjkl;ffdrsm on dafsdkfja;skdjf;lkasjd;fkljas;dlkfja;sldkjf;laskdjf;laksdjf;laksjdf;lkajs;dflkjasd;lkfjas;dklfja;slkdjfa;lskjdf;klajsd;fklajsdlkfjasdl;kfjas;ldkjfa;lskjdf;lakjsd;lkfja;sdlkjf;alskdjf;laskdjf;laskdjf;laksjd;lfkjas;lkdjfl;kjas;lkfdjdfjkls;fjkasdl;asdfjkl;fklaj;sdf;ajklsdfklasdj;lafjk;sdlfasjk;dflasdjk;klf;asdjajlsfdjkl;sdfffajkl;;djaklsdf;jklasd

Bowling today Saturday, Nov 15 2008 

i had scratch games of 126, 135 and 157 for a 418 scratch series.  My average is now up to 120, and is ever increasing.  I’ll post again tomorrow with anything new.

Wow Friday, Nov 14 2008 

How long has it been since I have posted? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Should I keep blabbering upon this topic?


Let’s just get down to business.  (Business=fun)

I am here to present my long-awaited opinion on many topics of interest.  Here is the table of contents:

1. Presidential campaign/election- how each candidate did, and how I feel about them and the results

2. Recent economic downturn-mostly market info, and a new introduction to my coin collecting, and how it has responded to the turn of events

3. NFL Midseason Rankings (through Week 10)

4. My life-My Life

5. Anything else that may happen to come to mind while I write about topics 1 through 4

First, the presidential election.  Let me just get my opinion off my chest right now.  McCain rules, Obama sucks.  There, much better.  So, as a result, I am not very happy with the way America voted.  I liked both campaigns a lot, but, truly, I believe that the McCain campaign made only one mistake, and the Obama campaign made one.  McCain selecting Sarah Palin for his running mate was waaaay out of proportion.  First, Hillary for the democratic spot.  She didn’t win.  That SHOULD have sent a message to Senator McCain that selecting a female runnng mate was not going to help him going into this election.  I have nothing against Sarah Palin or anybody else vying for Senator McCain’s running mate, but I believe that John McCain made a fatal mistake by choosing Sarah Palin.  I would also like everybody to know that I am completely for equal rights, and I am not trying to say that women can not be or should not be vice president or president.  All I am saying is that John McCain made a bad decision in this time period.

The Obama campaign didn’t really make a mistake, as much as they were just to unstable in their views. Senator Obama was waaaay to wishy-washy in his campaign promises.  I felt like I was getting one thing from him one day, then a completely different idea the next.  This was not called for, and, as aresult, I do not believe that Senator Obama will keep his promises of “change, change”  once he gets into the White House.  Also, I forgot another thing that Senator Obama did wrong in his campaign.  I believe that NO CANDIDATE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD MAKE FUN OF THE BIBLE.  I am very mad at the American people, most of which are Christian, that did not take into consideration Obama’s comments about the Bible.  It was on Youtube for gosh sakes, people!  You should have seen it ESPECIALLY if you are Christian.  This is the other thing that was not called for in Senator Obama’s campaign, and I hope that no candidate EVER does it again. 

Alright, I’m done ranting and raving. (That is probably the worst beating this keyboard has had to endure in the many MONTHS of it’s existence in our household.  I’m sorry, keyboard.)

2. The economy.  It’s bad.  Do I have to say any more? Just look at stocks.  They’re terrible.  Stocks, oil, wheat, corn, coffee, commodities I can’t think of right now.  Gold and Silver (my primary dealings in coin collecting, more on that later)  are falling waaaaaay (do you see a trend here with the word way?) down after setting new highs at $1000 and $20, respectively.  This means I will BUY Silver and Gold.  (Actually, just Silver.  Gold is out of my price range.)  This also means bad news for my coin collection.  The value of my collection is going down, which, of course, is not good.  My coin collecting primarily consists of Silver dealings (old silver dollars, silver bullion, etc.), and I only have a small store of old copper cents and such to back up my Silver!  This is not good!  I am done ranting and raving! Again!  On a different computer! Seriously! I am at a friend’s house right now!  I will stop now!

(Breathing calming back down)  Well, there it is.  I have just given you my opinion of the market and the introduction to my coin collecting hobby.  I actually have approximately 200 coins in my collection, with values ranging anywhere from $.50 to $50.  Most prices change on a daily basis, as most of my coin values are based on the silver content of the coin.  On to number 3.

Number 3: NFL Midseason Rankings.

I will NOT be keeping up with these on a weekly basis.  There will be these midseason rankings, After Thanksgiving Rankings, Post Week 15 Rankings, Pre-playoff rankings, and post-playoff rankings.

Here are the rankings of the 32 NFL teams from my vision:

  1. Tennessee Titans 9-0
  2. New York Giants 8-1
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3
  4. New England Patriots 6-3
  5. Carolina Panthers 7-2
  6. Baltimore Ravens 6-3
  7. New York Jets 6-3
  8. Chicago Bears 5-4
  9. Arizona Cardinals 6-3
  10. Washington Redskins 6-3
  11. Atlanta Falcons 6-3
  12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6-3
  13. Indianapolis Colts 5-4
  14. Philadelphia Eagles 5-4
  15. Dallas Cowboys 5-4
  16. Denver Broncos 5-4
  17. Buffalo Bills 5-4
  18. Miami Dolphins 5-4
  19. Minnesota Vikings 5-4
  20. Green Bay Packers 4-5
  21. San Diego Chargers 4-5
  22. Cleveland Browns 3-6
  23. New Orleans Saints 4-5
  24. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-5
  25. St. Louis Rams 2-7
  26. Houston Texans 3-6
  27. San Francisco 49ers 2-7
  28. Seattle Seahawks 2-7
  29. Oakland Raiders 2-7
  30. Kansas City Chiefs 1-8
  31. Cincinnati Bengals 1-8
  32. Detroit Lions 0-9

These are compiled from hours of hard, tedious hours studying standings and examining scouting reports.  You people should be grateful I did this so you won’t have to do it yourself!  All right, all right, so I’m exaggerating.  But these did come from NFL.com standings and my own personal scouting reports on each team, and also recent games.  Now, on to #4.  It might be last because my fingers are getting tired.

Number 4: My Life

I am  still bowling. Currently my average is approx. 118.  My high game is 194 with runners-up of 189, 185, 175, and 171.  My high series is 475, with runners-up being 455, 450, 445, 435, and 410.  The 475 consisted of individual games of 185, 132 and 158 in that order.  I do not forecast these to change much, although I did get a new fingertip ball a couple of weeks ago.  My high game with it is 168, which also came during my high series, 410, with the new ball.  It is green, a Hammer Vibe 13-pounder.(Man, that would be a BIG burger.  ” Introducing the new 13-pounder.  Heavier than your brain, stomach and heart together, gaurenteed.”)

I am planning on trying to restart my baseball career by trying out for high school baseball.  This might really help me as I try to become better.

School is all right.  Boring, as usual.

All right, well, I guess, well, I’m sorta, well, I’m done.  I have typed over 1000 words in this post, my longest ever.  Please do not forget to check back often, as I will keep this updated every few days or so.

Thank you,


Oh my God! Thursday, Sep 4 2008 

I haven’t posted in 3 months. I will post later tonight when I have time to.  Right now I’m doing homework.

Mid- June report Wednesday, Jun 18 2008 

Bowling is going really well.  I have a 126.5 Average at the moment, and rolled a 445 series last night with 135, 145, and 165 games.  This is by far the best 3 games I have ever rolled.  More pics to come in the end-of-June report.  I won’t tell you why not now.  Well, that’s all for now.

Bowling and Pictures Sunday, Jun 1 2008 

Goldfish in My Tank Again, I have been very busy.  Finally, here’s an update:

118.5 Bowling Average.

163 high game for this season.


Update for the end of April Thursday, Apr 24 2008 

Alright, here’s my update for the end of April.

I finished 4th in my bowling league overall.

I had the high Scratch Series overall.

2 trophies for that togehter.

I am not doing baseball this year.  I needed a break with my leagues. 

I signed up for another bowling league for the whole summer.  There will be, as a result, more updates every week for this league, like the previous league.

Well, that’s about it.  Nothing really new right now.  Another update in 2 to 3 weeks, but bowling update every week.  The league is on Teusday night, so expect an update by about Wednesday at 9pm.

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